Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy at is designed such that all your personal data are safe and secure. It is because we believe that your privacy is something that needs to be protected and to do so, we do take extreme measures. The idea behind adhering to a policy has largely got to do with the intention of keeping you informed about how we collect and make use of the information.

In case you don't want to declare your information, then please do not make use of our site.

The data collected
As a matter of fact, we do abide by the law and adhere to the Data protection Act, 1998. The information that we source are collected when you apply for registering, so as to avail any loans or any other service. We collect information related to your personal details, email, age, email, address, employment status and so forth. When you are applying for any financial solution in the form of loans, these details do assist us to verify and process your loan application. In addition to these, if we have to contact you in the near future to sort out issues related to your account, this information does help us a lot to reach you.

Before making use of the information, we will take your consent and notify the same through direct mail, email or by calling you.

Prevention of Fraudulent information
We do not subscribe to provide any false or fraudulent information and if you are found to be offering some inaccurate details, then you will be notified and we will send the details to other law enforcing agencies.

Policy Modifications
To keep up with the trend and to enhance your user experience, we are bound to make changes to the policy. In case you are not notified, you can then check for updates on a periodic basis.